What is Home Inspection?

Home Inspection is a comprehensive quality audit of a property by professionally trained QC Engineers. With the help of some high tech equipment, the entire property is inspected for major to minor defects. The inspection process and protocols have been designed in partnership with IIT Roorkee. At the end of the inspection, a detailed report is prepared consisting of all the snags found supported with photographic evidence. Post the defect-rectification, our Engineers revisit the property to conduct a re-inspection. The objective of the Re-Inspection is to check whether the defects found during inspection have been rectified properly or not.

Benefits of Pre-Delivery Home Inspection

Superior Quality Project Delivery

Higher Accountability of Contractors

Smoother Handover Process

Increased Customer Trust and Confidence

Protection against Defect Liability

Happy & Satisfied Customers

Elements Inspected


















  • All our Inspection processes and protocols have been designed in partnership with IIT Roorkee
  • Inspection is done using high tech equipment with the help of our proprietary mobile app
  • Highly Qualified & Trained QC Engineers
  • Inspections are conducted using NDT (Non Destructive Testing) methodology
  • Free consultation for 30 days post inspection to clarify your doubts and seek advice
  • 100% Refund if you cancel your Inspection - No Questions Asked



How much time does the inspection take?

For 2/3 BHK apartment it takes approximately 4 hours. For villas it can take upto 6 hours depending on the size.

One Engineer who is fully trained on all aspects of finishing.

PropChk QC Engineers are B.Tech in Civil Engineering with 4-5 yrs experience in QC

Only basics of Electricals like Voltage, Current supply, earthing, leakage currents are checked. The engineers are trained to use the equipment and take the readings. In plumbing, we use Thermal Camera to check for leakages in concealed pipeline and water pressure meter to measure the water pressure.. Our engineers are trained to use these equipment

It takes roughly 2 hours to complete a re-inspection depending on the no. of defects in the property.

Wherever possible, IS codes as defined by Bureau of Indian Standards are used as a benchmark. Wherever IS codes are not defined, the standards defined by IIT Roorkee are used.

Quality Score is calculated automatically with the help of the scoring algorithm of the designed in partnership with IIT Roorkee. It is dependent on the number of defects found in the inspected property along with their severity.

PropChk Home Inspection is very objective in nature. The inspection is conducted with the help of a mobile app. There is no subjectivity in the process, therefore the result will be almost the same regardless of which inspector conducts the inspection. Every defect is supported with a photographic evidence. Furthermore, the Inspector App is designed in a way that the Inspector cannot miss any item.

To get the Certificate of Quality, the inspected property should get a score of above 90% AND the Critical Defects as reported by PropChk should all be rectified.

PropChk shall continue to conduct the Re-Inspections upon the request of the client. All Re-Inspections are conducted on a chargeable basis.

Yes, you can provide your checklist also. However, PropChk will only add those items to its own checklist that has been designed in partnership with IIT Roorkee. No items from PropChk checklist can be deleted. You can ask us to add as many items as you like if they are not already present in PropChk checklist.

One QC Engineer can conduct 2 Inspections or 4 Re-Inspections in a day. At present, PropChk has the capacity to conduct approximately 20 Inspections per day in every city.

No. We do not conduct structural inspections. However, if any defect is observed during visual inspection, we certainly report it.

No. If we have been engaged by the Builder for the entire project then we cannot do inspections for the customers of that project.

PropChk started commercial operations in Jan 2022.

6000 Inspections spanning across 175 projects in 6 cities

M3M 65th Avenue (Gurgaon), Smartworld Orchard (Gurgaon), Smartworld Gems (Gurgaon), Gulshan Dynasty (Noida), Gulshan Experience Centre (Moradabad), Keya Life by the Lake (Bangalore), Keya Springs (Bangalore).

PropChk’s Inspection processes and protocols have been designed in partnership with IIT Roorkee. IIT Roorkee as we all know it is the mecca of Civil Engineering and the oldest technical institute in India (175 years old).

PropChk is coming up with a platform called Snagr with the help of which defect identification, reporting, allocation, tracking and analysis will be very easy. Snagr shall be released sometime in the month of April 2024.

For pre-delivery inspection, PropChk should be engaged 2-3 months before the expected date of project delivery. This allows the PropChk team to educate the Projects Team on the Inspection process and make them better prepared to deliver a defect free product. Pre-Delivery Inspection by PropChk is conducted when the unit is fully ready for handover to the customer.

Our pricing is dependent on the Unit Type i.e 1/2/3 BHK. However, you can expect a ballpark pricing of Rs 11,000 (blended cost) for Inspection + Re-Inspection + Report + Certfication

No. If you wish to opt for the Digital Twin format of the report, an additional cost of Rs 2000 + GST shall be chargeable. The same shall be hosted live for a period of 1 month. For additional months, a charge of Rs 1200 per month per Digital Twin shall be applicable.

No. The Digital Twin file needs a platform to run on which needs to be hosted on a server. Therefore there is no provision for downloading the file. However, one can record the screen and store the same as a video file

At least 50 units are required in order to provide bulk discount. Else the retail charges shall be applicable.

Yes. We have our Multi-Stage Inspection service that can be availed for Quality Inspection during construction stage. Milestones for such inspections can be pre-decided based on mutual discussion.

We charge Rs 20,000 per man day which includes Inspection + Report + Re-Inspection + Report. The number of engineers required shall depend on the size of the project and the quantum of work as per the milestone.

Inspector App, Thermal Camera, Spirit Level, Right Angled Scale, Mallet, Multimeter, RCD Socket Tester, Water Pressure Meter, Moisture Meter, TDS Meter, Laser Meter, 360 Camera.

No. We don’t deal with your customers directly.

We charge on a no. of rooms basis as the no. of elements almost proportionally increase with the no. of rooms. For Eg; more the no. of rooms = more bathrooms, more wall area, more doors, more windows, more switchboards etc.

Yes. We are happy to recommend optimum ways to fix the defects to your team. This is a collaborative exercise with the ultimate objective of delivering a defect-free product.

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