Propcheck.in is a brand of NS Property Guide Advisors Private Limited (hereinafter referred to as “Propchk”) which is a company incorporated under the laws of India that provides property inspection services.

Please note that while rendering its services Propchk engages in visual inspection merely to determine the viability of a property vis-à-vis the particular use case of the client in need of Propchk’s services. The use cases vary from the purchase of property to lease of property and etc. The results of the inspection undertaken by Propchk are reduced into a written report which is made available to the client after the conclusion of the inspection. The inspection undertaken by Propchk and the report prepared on the basis of the same is restricted solely to visual inspection of the property and is not technically exhaustive.

Defects requiring invasive means or destructive testing do not fall under the purview of Propchk’s inspection methods and services. The purpose of this inspection is to provide the client with a general overview of the build of the property being inspected. It is to be noted that Propchk only conducts a preliminary inspection and the same can be subject to supervision by a specialist at the discretion of the client on their own accord. Propchk defers liability for any defects that surface in the inspection by the specialist.

The services offered by Propchk and the report prepared and shared by Propchk are limited to the cosmetics & general functionality of the premises thereby excluding the following-

  •  Geologic, site and soil analysis, slide, tremor, wind, flood, noise [cars, planes, etc.]
  •  Indoor Air Quality, Mold Presence & Testing
  •  Heat exchanger testing; smoke, salt, gas, odour. Heat/cooling load surveys. Air/velocity measurements, etc.
  •  Electrical circuitry, impedance, capacity, or compliance with national or local codes.
  •  Plumbing/gas pressure, leakage, venting, and materials tests.
  • Underground piping or utilities or locations, impediments, electrical fields, septic systems, water wells, etc.
  • Easements, covenants, restrictions, right of ways, etc. By City, Community or Homes Association.
  • Conformance to statutes, laws, codes, regulations, occupancy, suitability for a specific use, other property influences.
  • Structural/durability analysis, wood destroying insects, pests, etc.
  • Water leakage and drainage test of any type. Roof, siding, outside faucets. Underground & site drainage, etc.
  • Land, boundary surveys, site hazards, insurability, development potential, etc.
  • Firefighting
  • Grade/quality of the material fixed such as quality of tiles or ceramic/cp fitting.

The inspection covers only those items listed on the report for function and safety, and not for code or statutory compliance.

Please note the following regarding the report(s) shared after inspection:

  •  The report shall not be shared or reproduced by the client, except to the extent of enabling the client to carry out rectification of the defects and issues identified in the report.
  •  The status captured in the report is as on the date of the inspection. To avoid confusion, the date of inspection shall mean the date on which the property was inspected by Propchk or its agent.
  • The report does not cover any of the aspects that have been expressly excluded in this Disclaimer.
  • The report is not intended to be a general verdict on the quality of construction/reputation of the person/company/any other entity who constructed the property and shall only be a report intended to provide the client with on-ground information with respect to the property on an as is-where is basis.

Propchk makes no representation or warranty as to the completeness of any information contained in the report(s). This report is intended for the sole use of the client and is not to be relied upon or shared wholly and solely, except for the purposes provided herein. It is clarified that the report is intended to operate as a visual aid to the client and as such cannot be given unqualified reliance.

The report shared is solely intended for use by the client for rectifications of the snags reported and is the property of Propchk. The report is not an opinion but a factual report limited to the findings made by Propchk at the time of the visual inspection. The report is shared in good faith with the client and the client is entitled to use the report in support of their claims with respect to carrying out any alterations or rectification or renovations to the property. The professional fee paid by the client at the time of engagement is only for the purpose of the inspection and reporting at the subject property.

Notwithstanding anything contained herein, the client’s reliance upon those report(s) shall not create any liability (direct, indirect, consequential or special etc.) against Propchk except for those expressly consented to.

Though every effort is made to cover all the quality issues during inspection, Propchk shall not be liable for any financial compensation & legal action for any missed issues or the issues not apparent on the date of inspection and may surface in future. Further, Propchk does not provide any indemnification whatsoever, neither does it undertake any responsibility of any occurrences of malfunctioning of the inspected property and its components in the future. Propchk does not undertake responsibility for the lack of discovery of any defect which shall arise during or subsequent to the inspection.

The maximum liability incurred by Propchk in the process of inspection of the property shall be limited to the inspection fee and only pertaining to those services included in the report provided to the client.

Because Propchk is a third party and an independent consultant the report may not be used in any social media, other public forums or for any other purpose than stated explicitly here.

Any other form of unauthorized use or sharing of this report in part or full is not permitted. The client shall be fully liable to indemnify, keep safe and compensate Propchk in the event of any third-party claims made against Propchk as a result of the client not adhering to the above.

“NS Property Guide Advisors Pvt. Ltd. is the parent company of both PropChk and PropRight brands”

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