Dampness Inspection

Dampness Inspection is conducted to check for root cause of dampness. Generally, dampness is caused due to one of the two primary reasons – Leakage or Seepage. Leakage happens in the plumbing lines more comonly at the joints. Since most of the pipeline is concealed within the walls, it is challenging to find out the exact source of leakage without puncturing the walls. We conduct a thermal scanning of the walls and ceilings using a Thermal Camera. This technique helps in identifying the source of the leakage upto an approximation. The other common reason for dampness is Seepage. Seepage occurs when there is a gap or crack in the civil structure (walls, ceiling, flooring). Water seeps through the gaps/cracks and starts to move through the structure by capillary action. Ultimately the dampness starts to show at the surface of walls or ceilings. A visual inspection to identify such gaps/cracks supported with thermal scanning helps in determining the source of seepage to a large extent.


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