Home Inspection

Home Inspection is a thorough quality inspection of your property. Every square inch of the property is throughly inspected for major to minor defects. All the elements of the property including flooring, walls, ceiling, electricals, plumbing, doors, windows, kitchen cabinets, sanitaryware etc are checked very minutely. There are over 400 checkpoints covered in our Home Inspection. As a part of the home inspection, we also measure and report the carpet area of the property. The inspection is conducted by our highly qualified and trained civil engineers with the help of high-tech equipment. We follow the NDT (Non-Destructive Testing) methodology for conducting home inspections. Some of the tools used in our inspections are Thermal Camera, Moisture Meter, Malet, RCD Socket Tester, Spirit Level, Right Angled Scale, Water Pressure Meter, TDS Meter, Multimeter etc. The inspection typically takes 3-4 hours for an apartment upto 3 BHK and 4-6 hours for an independent villa. Post the inspection a comprehensive report is sibmitted consisting of all the defects found in the property supported with photographic evidence. You can take this report to your builder/contractor and get all the defects rectified before moving in. You can take advantage of the 30 days free consultation period to schedule calls with our senior engineers for seeking clarification/advice related to inspection report.


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