Why Were Noida’s Twin Towers Demolished?

The Supreme Court of India ordered that the Noida Supertech Twin Towers be demolished on Sunday, August 28. Ceyane (29 floors) and Apex (32 floors), two towers that were a part of Supertech Ltd’s Emerald Court project, were determined to be in breach of several construction regulations and were consequently demolished. The ten-year conflict between Supertech and the neighbourhood inhabitants near the twin towers Noida concluded with the spectacular demolition of the Nodia Twin Towers. But what was the back story to this event? Let us know more through this article.

The story behind the Noida Twin Tower Demolition.

The start

Supertech Limited, a development company based in Noida, began work on the Emerald Court project. Midway through the 2000s, the project was launched. The project called for the construction of 3, 4, and 5 BHK apartments. The construction site was close to the expressway that connects Noida and Greater Noida. The New Okhla Industrial Development Authority in Noida submitted blueprints for the project that called for 14 nine-story structures.

Change of plans

The issues arose as a result of Supertech changing the blueprints, which, by 2012, resulted in a complex with 15 buildings rather than 14. There were now to be 11 stories in each building, as opposed to the previous nine. Additionally, two additional towers with a combined height of 40 storeys were incorporated into the revised proposal.

Cemented buildings replace the green patch

In front of Tower One, Supertech had pledged to have a “green” space. This was in the plan that was initially changed in June 2005. Later, the “green” area would serve as the foundation for Ceyane and Apex, the Twin Towers at the centre of the controversy. In March 2012, the building designs underwent their third alteration. 

Legal battle commences

The Emerald Court inhabitants took notice of this and asked that Ceyane and Apex—the twin towers—be demolished because they were being built against the law. The Noida Authority was requested by the locals to revoke the permits issued for the development of Ceyane and Apex. The residents subsequently filed an appeal with the Allahabad High Court, requesting that the court order the towers’ demolition. The Noida Twin Towers were ordered to be demolished by the high court in April 2014. Supertech, however, contested the decision, and the case eventually made it to India’s Supreme Court.

Supreme Court gives the final decision. 

The Supreme Court of India ordered the removal of the Noida Twin Towers in 2021 after considerable back and forth on both sides, citing the towers’ illegal construction. Supertech then requested that the Supreme Court review its ruling in an appeal. The supreme court had numerous hearings after that. Concerns concerning the occupants of Emerald Court’s safety were also raised throughout the proceedings. The ruling caused a series of delays in the demolition deadlines. The Supreme Court, however, remained steadfast in its position.

The demolition

On August 28, the Noida Twin Towers will be destroyed. Edifice Engineering, a Mumbai-based company that has already destroyed four unlawful apartments close to Kochi in Kerala, handled the project.

Takeaways for home buyers

Even though it may seem laborious, there are just a few necessary conditions before buying a home, such as carefully analysing your selections about your needs and budget. The following are some things you should consider while making your first purchase.

  • When investing in real estate, it’s important to know a developer’s reputation. Now that RERA is in effect, it is simple to learn about a builder’s history, completion schedule, the height of the building, etc.
  • It is necessary to ascertain your current demands before searching for a suitable property. The best place to start your search for a suitable house is by estimating how much space each family member requires and determining whether the home is adaptable enough to accommodate changes in the existing space requirements.
  • When purchasing a home, keeping your documentation close to hand is important. The Sub-office registrar of the region where the property is located is where the sale deed should be registered. RERA registration, extracts, a no-objection certificate, a copy of the building plan, and many more documents may also be needed before buying a home.
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As a result, in nations like India, where the judicial system is already cumbersome and delayed, RWAs offer ways to deal with minor issues that arise daily. Even the courts have acknowledged the RWA’s operation and emphasised that, by Section 6 of the Societies Registration Act of 1860, a society may be sued in the name of the President or Secretary.

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